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Kids’ Ridez is your source for information about ride-on toys for kids.

Our Start

Kids’ Ridez was started to answer a common question many parents have when they are shopping for ride-on toys for their children. That question is, “How do I know what ride-on toy is right for my child?” When we began researching this question we came across many factors to consider and these factors led us to create a repository for this information to help others find what’s best for their children.

Our first site was very basic and only provided the repository of information for our visitors and little else. As time wore on and the site gained traction, it became evident we needed to provide more useful content to our visitors. This led us to become affiliated with Amazon and start offering product information on our site.

The Second Iteration

The second iteration of the Kids’ Ridez saw an explosion of content derived from the products available through Amazon. Our affiliation with Amazon allowed us to not only focus on answering questions of consumers about ride-on toys, but also to supplement our content with products directly on our site.

The growth of the site created some problems. As time progressed it became evident the information on the site, between our written content and the Amazon product content, was lacking proper organization. During the three year span the second iteration was up and running, the focus also changed from content to products and this was something that needed to change.


The site you see today is the third iteration of the Kids’ Ridez website. We have completely redesigned our site to provide a much better experience to our visitors. We have also dedicated ourselves to getting back to creating content to help our visitors choose the best ride-on toys for their children.

Not only will we be redoubling our efforts to provide useful content on a regular basis, but we have also updated our site to allow you to shop Amazon directly on our site. Our prior site allowed visitors to get product information, but did not provide the type of experience we wanted.

Our Future

We have set some clear future objectives we want to attain. Our top goal is to be the number one resource for information about ride-on toys. We hope to achieve this goal through conducting thorough research, creating engaging content, and providing a great user experience on our site.

The first step in achieving this goal was the site redesign that is now complete. Our second goal is to continue to update and create our ‘Ultimate Guides’ series to include all product lines. Along with our ‘Ultimate Guides’ series, we will be creating engaging blog posts on all topics to help our visitors. Finally, we will be adding great products to our store and plan to introduce new ways to shop including wish lists and comparison shopping.

Thank You!!

We at Kids’ Ridez want to thank all our visitors for your continued support. It’s because of your patronage we are able to continue striving to meet our goals.

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