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Mercedes Benz ride-on cars are some of the sleekest and coolest toys available. Mercedes is the pinnacle of the luxury vehicle market and the best toy versions reflect that. The cool thing about Mercedes Benz ride-on cars is there are some that are actually available from Mercedes. There are also officially licensed versions from other brands as well. In this post, we have highlighted the 5 most popular models available in a slideshow format with pictures and brief descriptions of each.

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Kids Ridez - Check out the 5 coolest Mercedes-Benz ride-on cars only at KidsRidez.Com
Kids Ridez - Check out the 5 coolest Mercedes-Benz ride-on cars only at KidsRidez.Com

Five Awesome Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars For Kids

Dec 11, 2018

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – Authentic

These models are the real deal and are authentic Mercedes Benz ride-on toys direct from AMG. Since they are original Mercedes, they also carry a hefty price tag, but, you can sometimes find a good deal on Amazon. As of this writing, the GTR below is 29% off!

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – GTR

The Mercedes Benz GTR is hands down one of the coolest and most authentic electric cars available today. The realistic styling and attention to detail that are paramount to Mercedes vehicles is evident in this toy. Your child will be the envy of all the other kids in the neighborhood driving around in this beauty. The GTR is also available in a sleek and stylish black color (view) and sporty red color (view).

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – X Class

The Mercedes Benz X Class is a replica of the popular SUV from Mercedes. This awesome ride-on electric car is a two-seater that also features a remote control for parental operation. Not only is it cool looking, but it also has fully functional lights and an MP3 player for hours of enjoyment. If blue isn’t your favorite color, the X Class also comes in multiple other colors which you can view here.

The two authentic Mercedes Benz ride-on cars mentioned above are the most popular, but there are a few others that you may be interest in as well. You can view more authentic models here.

Authentic Mercedes Benz ride-on toys are awesome because they come from Mercedes, but there are also other options as well. There are other officially licensed models available that are just as cool, but, in many cases, are at a lower cost than the authentic models. The next section of this post highlights the three most popular of this type of Mercedes Benz ride-on car for kids.

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – Licensed

Licensed Mercedes Benz ride-on cars are similar to the authentic models. Since they are officially licensed, they can use the trademarks from Mercedes like the emblem and AMG logos just like the authentic ones. This allows these models to be just like the real thing and have some of same awesome features. The following models are the most popular ones available, but there are many more to choose from as well which you can view here.

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – ML350

The ML350 from Costzon is the most popular of the licensed Mercedes Benz ride-on cars for kids. This model features parental remote control as well as an MP3 player, working horn, LED lights, and a microphone. The ML350 is for smaller kids with a weight capacity of up to 44 lbs. Not only is the ML350 awesome looking in red, but is also available in a very cool looking, pearl white color (view).

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – SL500

Anyone familiar with Mercedes knows the SL500 is the quintessential Mercedes Benz sports car. The original SL500 has a long and storied history and is one of the world’s most sought after cars. This ride-on version from Uenjoy will give your child a similar sense of excitement and thrill. It has a long list of features (view all) including a unique, spring loaded suspension for safe driving over any terrain. The white model is shown below, but the SL500 is also available in a cool red color as well.

Mercedes Benz Ride-On Cars – G65

The Mercedes Benz G65 is the classic European-styled SUV that has been so popular throughout the years. Even though the styling is European, it is also a popular model in the States as well. This ride-on toy version is perfect for a smaller child and features an MP3 player, working lights, and a realistic sounding horn. It also has parental remote control as well as a safety harness for added security. Costzon is the producer of this model and they also offer both a red and white version as well.

The three prior models are the most popular of the licensed Mercedes Benz ride-on cars. Each will provide your child with hours of riding fun in some of the coolest looking replica luxury vehicles around. As always, this is just a small sampling of the licensed models, you can view an even larger selection here.

We hope you enjoyed our post about Mercedes Benz ride-on cars. We recognize that choosing the right ride-on car for your child isn’t always easy. Since there is such a wide selection and so many different options, we put together our Ultimate Guide To Electric Cars For Kids to help you with your decision. Of course, if you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us.

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