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Jeeps for kids are some of the coolest ride-on toys around. Every kid would love to tackle rough terrain in the back yard with their awesome 4×4. When it comes to finding the right one for your child, there are more than a few options. In this post we highlight some of the many available Jeeps for kids including officially licensed Jeeps and those with Jeep styling.

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Jeeps for kids make awesome ride-on toys, but there are many to choose from. Check out some of the best ones available at Kids' Ridez.
Jeeps for kids make awesome ride-on toys, but there are many to choose from. Check out some of the best ones available at Kids' Ridez.

Jeeps For Kids

Dec 2, 2018

Officially Licensed Jeeps For Kids

An officially licensed Jeep ride-on toy is a replica of the full-scale version. An officially licensed Jeep for kids will have the same look, feel, and accessories as the real version. Currently, Power Wheels is the only brand that has the official license for Jeeps.

There are two different types of officially licensed Jeeps. The first is the standard Jeep. This is a Jeep model replica with no special decals or accessories other than what is normally available. The second is the cross-branded type of kids’ Jeep. These feature the official Jeep styling but also have other features from other brands like Barbie and Jurassic Park.

Standard Jeeps For Kids

What is immediately noticeable about the standard jeeps for kids that are licensed is the Wrangler features. Officially licensed Jeeps all have the pronounced chrome grille with seven open slats as well as round headlamps. They also all have the roll bar with off-road lamps mounted to it. Finally, they also have the rugged fender flares that really give them the off-road look similar to the real Jeep Wrangler. Power Wheels offers four different versions of the standard Jeep and we’ve highlighted them below.

Jeeps For Kids – Red Wrangler

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is one of the essential standard Jeeps for kids. This Wrangler looks just like the real thing and features a large cargo area and two speeds (2.5 MPH & 5 MPH). It drives on both hard surfaces and grass and is perfect for kids aged 3 to 7 years. A blue version is also available.

Another great feature about this particular Jeep is it is an ‘Amazon’s Choice‘ product and is frequently on-sale and available with Prime Shipping. You can view all the details here.

Jeeps For Kids – Green Wrangler

If you’re looking for a little something extra in a Jeep for your child, this Wrangler may be perfect for you. It has a few more options than the previous Red Wrangler, but also carries a heftier price tag. What differentiates this Green Wrangler from the prior one, is the higher-end roll bar lights and it features a working MP3 player. It still has the same power (2.5 MPH & 5 MPH) and is also has a 12-volt battery for extended play time. This Wrangler also has actual swing out doors that open and close.

Jeeps For Kids – Talking Tough Jeep Wrangler

The Talking Tough Jeep Wrangler is similar to both the red and green versions above, but offers a little extra. This childrens’ Jeep has an awesome ‘talking tough’ microphone and features a voice amplifying speaker and realistic sound effects. It also has a pretend radio with two tunes preloaded as well as sweet looking flame decals for an added look. You can get more information including pictures and a video here.

Jeeps For Kids – Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler

The Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler is the childrens’ Jeep for younger kids. While the prior models were rated for kids 3-7, this Jeep is better suited for toddlers. Unlike the prior models, this model only has one forward speed at 2.5 MPH as well as the standard reverse gear. The battery is smaller as well since it doesn’t have to handle the weight of larger kids at only 6 volts. It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and is best suited for just one child.

Though it may be smaller, it still has all the coolness of a real Jeep. It is available a cool blue color and has the same realistic grille, headlamps, and roll bar as the models for older kids. This is a great ride-on toy for any 2 to 3 year old who’s ready to get out and ride. This model is an Amazon Exclusive so it only available from Amazon. Get more info here.

Standard officially licensed Jeeps for kids offer some great features and are very similar to available real life Jeep models. The larger models are great for slightly older kids and are perfect for 2 kids to play with at the same time while the Hot Wheels version is a great model for younger kids. If you are looking for Jeep models with a little more pizazz, you will definitely want to check out the cross-branded Jeeps for kids.

Cross Branded Jeeps For Kids

Cross-branding is a powerful marketing tool and all parents are subjected to it’s power on a continuous basis, even if we don’t realize it. So what does cross branding do? It allows companies to increase variety in their product lineups and differentiate themselves from the competition. This type of branding allows companies to increase demands for their products without having to design completely new products. It is far easier and more efficient to take the Green Jeep Wrangler mentioned above, change it to pink, and add Barbie decals than it is to create a new product to specifically market to girls.

While it is clearly a winning situation for companies to cross-brand products, it’s a win for the consumer as well. We get far more specialized products, and in the case of ride-on toys for our kids, we can find the coolest toys our kids will love. Your daughter might like the Green Jeep Wrangler, but if she’s into Barbie, she will absolutely love the Barbie version.

There are many more cross-branded Jeeps for kids than standard models. We have provided overviews of the two most popular models below as well as some pictures and links to the many others available. Hopefully this information will help you find exactly the right Jeep for you child.

Jeeps For Kids – Barbie Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler is a perfect example of cross-branded Jeeps for kids. This model has all the same features of the Green Wrangler mentioned above, including 2.5 & 5 MPH speeds, roll bar, real lights, and a working MP3 player, but is decked out front-to-rear and top-to-bottom in Barbie. It features Barbie graphics and decals as well as a pink and purple color scheme. This isn’t the only Barbie model Jeep that Power Wheels has available. You can get more info on this model here and you can check out the other available models here.

Jeeps For Kids – Dora And Friends Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Dora And Friends Jeep Wrangler is very similar to the prior Barbie Jeep Wrangler as far as options and features. The difference is the coloring and the decals on this kids’ Jeep. This Jeep is decked out completely in Dora & Friends decals and colors to match the popular kids television show. What really makes this model unique is the audible phrases in Dora’s voice as well as a Map decal highlighting the shows adventurous spirit.


Jeeps For Kids – Other Models

The two prior models of cross-branded Jeeps for kids are the most popular and best-selling models, but there are many more to choose from. Below are some available models.

When it comes to officially licensed Jeeps for kids there are many options to choose. The standard models feature that authentic Jeep feel while the cross-branded models featuring your child’s favorite characters look awesome and have amazing special features for hours of fun. While officially licensed Jeeps are awesome, there are also a number of great electric cars for kids that are built in the ‘Jeep’ style. We have also put together some great information on these in this post as well.

‘Jeep’ Styled Jeeps For Kids

Unlike officially licensed Jeeps for kids, there are some ride-on toys available that have some of the same features, but because they are not licensed, they are not considered ‘real’ Jeeps. That being said, there are many of them out there that look like Jeeps and, in some instances, are much cooler than the officially licensed versions.

Jeeps have distinctive trademarked features, but the ride-on toys styled like the real Jeeps have options that look very similar. For example, the Jeep styled toy will have a roll bar (usually with lamps), large tires, and fender flares. They will also have a nearly identical windshield in a flat, rectangular shape like the authentic Jeeps have.

Since the officially licensed Jeeps are only available from Power Wheels, there are more producers of ride-on cars in the style of the Jeeps than there are officially licensed ones. As a result, we have highlighted some of the most popular and coolest ones here. However, it would be impossible to provide every available one so we also provided links to other groups of similar models.

Jeeps For Kids – Uenjoy HP-002

Uenjoy is a brand of electric ride-on cars that features a Jeep styled toy that looks very similar to, yet also very different from the officially licensed Jeeps for kids. The HP-002, as it’s called, looks large, tough, and capable with a realistic push bar, roll bar, lights, and large tires and flares. One of the coolest options for this Jeep is the blue-tooth remote control that allows parents to operate the toy as well. You can be in control and drive your kids around in this awesome Jeep! This model is available in black, white, and pink. You can get more info and see all the color options here.

Jeeps For Kids – Aosom 12-Volt Jeep

If you are looking for a Jeep styled ride-on toy that is for smaller kids and in which only one child can ride in, then the Aosom 12-Volt Jeep may be the one for you. The key feature of this toy is the steering wheel is located in the center of the dash to give it that race-car type of feel while still maintaining its rugged good looks. It also has a 12-volt twin motor that is pretty powerful. This toy is perfect for kids 3-8 years old. If white isn’t your favorite color choice, this model is also available in black and green.

Jeeps For Kids – Moderno Explorer 2

We saved perhaps the best of the Jeeps for kids for last. The Moderno Explorer 2 is one of the coolest and toughest looking models around. There is a long list of features for this model including remote control for parental piloting, two speeds (3 for remote), single reverse speed, and an integrated MP3 player.

Even better, there are three additional options that really make this model stand out from the rest. First, this toy actually has leather seats. Your child can be riding in style with real leather! Second, it also has soft starting technology with electric brakes for safe, gradual acceleration and reliable stopping. Finally, and definitely not least, it has the coolest LED lighting package we’ve seen on a ride-on toy. Just check out the second picture below to see how amazing this looks. These options really put this model on top of all the other models of Jeeps for kids.

Of course, with all these features, it also comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, you can sometimes find this model at a discount on Amazon and, even though it’s not Prime eligible, it usually does come with free shipping. It’s also available in 5 colors: black, blue, white, red, and pink. You can see all the colors here.

Jeeps For Kids – Other Models

The prior models are just some of the available Jeep styled ride-on toys for kids. Below are some additional models that are available.

All these models in the Jeep style make excellent ride-on toys for kids. Though they may not be officially licensed, the design of these Jeeps for kids get the look and feel of the real thing even without the branding. The selection of Jeep styled ride-on toys is also larger since there are multiple brands and companies that sell them. So if you are looking for the perfect Jeep for your child, you will definitely want to consider some of these options.

We hope you enjoyed our post about Jeeps for kids and find the information helpful when choosing the right toy for your child. If you would like more helpful information, please check out our Ultimate Guide To Electric Cars For Kids. Our guide is chock full of tips and advice on how to choose the best ride-on toys for children. As always, if you have any questions, please leave comment or contact us.

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