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Razor ‘A’ scooters are what people usually think about when they think of scooters. The ‘A’ model by Razor is the scooter that really started the craze back in the year 2000. Prior to 2000, scooters were large, bulky, and frankly, not much fun, but the Razor ‘A’ changed that. The Razor ‘A’ scooter quickly became on icon of American culture and was loved by kids, celebrities, and the newly emerging group of young, city dwelling professionals on the move.

So what exactly is it about Razor ‘A’ scooters that make them so iconic? Well, while the model line has changed over the years with the introduction of the A2, A3, A4, A5, and the A6 models, they all maintain the same basic features and style that made them so popular upon introduction. In this post we provide an overview of the lineup of Razor ‘A’ scooters including the features, specifications, and examples.

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Razor A Scooters: Top Models, Specs, And Reviews

Dec 17, 2018

Razor A Scooters - Kids Ridez

Razor A Scooters – Kids Ridez

Razor A Scooters - Kids Ridez

Razor A Scooters – Kids Ridez

Razor A Scooters – The Original

The original ‘A’ scooter was, and still is, the quintessential scooter for everyday use. When Razor came out with this scooter, they set out to create a scooter that was light-weight yet durable, safe, and easily transported when not in use. To achieve this, they did three things that hadn’t been done before in the world of scooters.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

First, they used aircraft grade aluminum to create the body of the scooter. Aircraft grade aluminum is a light-weight material that is easily formed to create the t-bar and deck of the scooter. Other scooters at the time were typically made of a low-grade steel. By using aircraft grade aluminum, Razor was also able to make the ‘A’ scooter very durable since aircraft grade aluminum is very strong and doesn’t rust like steel.

Patented Rear Fender Brake

Second, Razor also set out to make the scooter safer by patenting the rear braking fender system. Prior to this system, the only options for stopping on a scooter were to jump off, drag your feet, or use handlebar braking systems similar to bikes. The rear fender braking system revolutionized scooter design not only because it allowed stopping to be safer, but it also allowed pro riders to do all sorts of different tricks and stunts using the braking mechanism.

Patented Folding Mechanism

Finally, and perhaps most important for the everyday rider, the original Razor ‘A’ scooter incorporated a patented folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation. The folding mechanism allows the rider to quickly fold the handle bar down along the deck of the scooter to make it flatter and easier to put in a bag for transportation or to carry it flat. The mechanism also locks to prevent the scooter from opening up when not intended.

Specs & Reviews

While the original ‘A’ may have come out in 2000 and was the product that started it all for Razor, it is still an extremely popular scooter on the market today. It is also one of the highest reviewed and rated scooters available. A full list of the features are listed below and you can read the reviews here.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Tube and deck fold together for easy transport
  • 98MM inline urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings
  • Patented rear fender brake
  • Weighs only 6 Lbs.
  • Perfect for kids 5 and up (for younger kids, check out our post about scooters for babies)
  • Maximum weight limit of 143 Lbs.

Razor A Scooters – The A2

The ‘A2’ was the second iteration of Razor A scooters. The A2 was very similar to its predecessor, but with a couple of added features. While it still had the patented features of the rear fender brake and folding design, the A2 added a rear wheelie bar and a spring-less shock system for added safety and comfort.

Razor A scooters are all highly rated and the A2 is no exception. You can read the reviews for the A2 here. The A2 has the same metal body as the original, but has six different accent colors with matching colors on the foam handles, deck graphics, and wheels. You can see all six of them here.

Razor A Scooters – The A3

The ‘A3’ model of ‘A’ scooters from Razor only made minor adjustments to the prior versions, but, one of those adjustments proved to transitional to the future of the scooter lineup. Prior models of Razor A scooters had 98MM diameter wheels, which is slightly larger than 3 1/4 inches. With the introduction of the A3 model, Razor increased wheel size to 125MM, which is just under 5 inches. This change in wheel size allowed Razor to make further changes to the lineup with future models to allow larger riders to use their products. Along with the change in wheel size in the A3, Razor also redesigned the wheelie bar to account for the larger wheels.

You can get more information on the A3 model including the full specifications, ratings, reviews, and color options, here.

Razor A Scooters – The A4

The ‘A4’ scooter from Razor is actually a re-designed pro scooter built on the ‘A’ frame. This scooter has 98MM wheels like the Original A and A2, but adds high speed bearings that are a must for pro riders or kids with more skills and experience. Razor also made the A4 with a heavier duty aluminum body that makes it more durable to handle the needs of pro riders. Since the body is more durable, the weight limit also increased significantly to 220 Lbs. The A4 is perfect for older kids looking for a performance scooter. By the way, here’s our list of some of the best stunt/trick scooters available.

Another great feature of the A4 is the adjustable handle bar which increases in height as needed for kids as they grow. For more information and to see reviews, click here. If you need help figuring out what size and style of scooter is right for your child, check out our Ultimate Guide to Kids Scooters.

Razor A Scooters – The A5

With the introduction of the ‘A5’, Razor changed up how they marketed their scooter models. Sub-models were introduced with the A5 which allowed Razor to maintain the ‘A’ brand and framework but also differentiate the product lines to provide more specialized options. We have not gone into each of the sub-models in this post; however, we did highlight some of the major changes to the overall design of Razor A scooters that started with the A5.

A major upgrade in the design of the A lineup starting with the A5 is the increase in wheel size to 200MM, which is just under 8 inches in diameter. Similar to the wheel change in the A3, this larger wheel increased the weight limit to 200 lbs. and allowed for taller riders. In fact, after the A3, Razor changed the lineups so that the next generation of A scooters would be designed for either larger riders or specialized needs for tricks and professional riders.

Also starting with the A5 sub-models, the style of the scooters changed and would now feature different looks like wheel design and color schemes instead of the standard chrome aluminum with different colored handles, deck tape, and wheels. We have listed the available A5 models below and the design styles are clearly evident.

A5 – Lux

A5 – Black Label

A5 – Prime

A5 – Air

A5 – DLX

Razor A Scooters – The A6

The last of the Razor A scooters is the ‘A6’ model. This model comes with a few differences from the prior ones. Wheels are the biggest difference as the A6 offers the largest ones of any of the Razor A scooters. The wheels on the A6 are a whopping 254 MM or 10 inches! Wheels this large really make the A6 stand out.

The other standout feature of the A6 is the length of the extendable T-bar. As with the other scooters in the A lineup, the A6’s T-bar can extend upward to set the correct height for different size riders. Extending the T-bar of the A6 to it’s fullest sets the bar at 42″ high, which is the highest available height for any of the A models. An extension bar this high allows makes the A6 the most accommodating scooter for the tallest riders. The A6 also has an extended deck for more foot room when riding.

For more information, pricing, and reviews on the A6, click here.

We hope you enjoyed our post on Razor A scooters. We constantly review the market for kids ride-on toys, including scooters, and will update this post if and when Razor adds any more models to their A-frame lineup. We also realize choosing the correct scooter for your child isn’t an easy task. So if you would like some help, check out our Ultimate Guide To Kids Scooters. It is full of useful tips and examples including explanations of different scooter styles and how to choose the right scooter based on your child’s age and size. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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